Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to questions we have received about the Graduate Certificate in Primary Health Care. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions about the program.

Any health care professional or administrator with a related undergraduate degree is eligible to apply. Applicants from both BC and out-of-province will be considered. Much of the content is relevant to teams and to team-based primary care, and not specific to British Columbia.

We actively encourage a diverse range of applicants, including (but not limited to) family doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners, pharmacists, dieticians, diabetic educators, cultural support workers, recreation therapists, dentists, technicians, chiropractors, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech and language pathologists, mental health and addictions coordinators, and many more.

We deliberately designed the program so students progress through the courses as one cohort. As a student, you’ll forge a peer network and share interprofessional experiences with a consistent group of learners.

The certificate offers a curriculum that builds deep skills focused specifically around team-based care. Topics such as collaborative leadership, for example, are explored in depth. The comprehensive, hands-on learning of the certificate goes beyond the PSP curriculum to give you an opportunity to apply key concepts of team-based primary health care in your own context.

The courses in this program aren’t yet affiliated with a specific master’s program, therefore credits don’t ladder and can’t be applied to another degree at this time. A master’s in primary health care is being considered and once approved, affiliation can be retroactively applied to completed certificates.

Students who finish the program come away with an understanding of team dynamics, an appreciation of other health care providers and powerful self-management and personal leadership practices that all contribute to the success of a health care team.

We have designed the program for working professionals; sessions will be scheduled for one evening a week. The location and timing of the two in-person weekend sessions will depend on the specific cohort and discussed collectively.

The program is designed for those already working in the healthcare sector in Canada, with a focus on primary care in British Columbia. Please note that this is a part-time, mostly online certificate, and will not qualify for student visa requirements.

We welcome all applicants from across the provinces. The Graduate Certificate in Primary Health Care was initially designed to support the shift to team-based care in British Columbia. However, the content, skills and learning are all applicable across primary care in Canada, and participants from other provinces further enrich the experience within the cohort. Please note that the online cohort sessions will take place one weekday evening a week (PST). We also expect to hold two in-person intensives in British Columbia towards the end of the program. These will be based around two weekends.