Learning Objectives

After completing the Graduate Certificate in Primary Health Care, you should be able to successfully apply the following learning outcomes to enhance patient health outcomes in practice, education and policy contexts:

  1. Describe the key concepts and benefits – to patients, practitioners and the community – of team-based primary health care.
  2. Apply teamwork communication principles to support communication between practitioners from different professions in a collaborative and responsive manner.
  3. Develop ways to actively engage yourself and others, including the client/patient/family, in positively and constructively addressing conflicts as they arise.
  4. Describe your own role, knowledge and skills as part of a primary health care team as well as understand the roles, knowledge and skills of other professions and use this understanding appropriately to establish and achieve patient/client/family and community health goals.
  5. Articulate the principles of teamwork and group/team processes to enable effective interprofessional collaboration to establish and achieve patient/client/family and community goals.
  6. Consider, integrate and value, as a partner, the input and engagement of the patient/client/family/community in designing and implementing client-centred care.
  7. Articulate, adapt and apply leadership principles that support a collaborative practice model in an evolving health care system.
  8. Evaluate, with evidence-based decision-making, the development, progress, and effectiveness of interdisciplinary collaboration in the provision of primary health care.
  9. Be capable of informing health care policy discussions and decision-making at various levels (local, regional, other) regarding team-based primary health care.