Be at the Forefront
of Change

Health care in BC is undergoing a radical transformation. Recognizing the need for consistent, community-based care, the BC Government has a mandate to implement a model that will see primary health care delivered by interprofessional teams.

The UBC Graduate Certificate in Primary Health Care was developed by the UBC Faculty of Medicine to support and prepare health care professionals for this transformation. It’s an opportunity to build your skills and apply the principles of team-based care, contribute meaningfully to an interprofessional team and lead change in your organization.

Navigate the complexities of team-based care

Understand and apply key concepts, benefits and challenges of team-based primary health care. Build on existing patient-centered care principles as you start to transform your own practice.

Incorporate your skills to collaborate in an interprofessional team

Refine your understanding and discover what it means to practise effectively on a collaborative, interprofessional team. Explore team dynamics, culture, communication, conflict and ethics.

Integrate and apply your skills in your context

Understand how to deliver primary health care in urban, rural and remote communities. Examine team-based care within Indigenous, mental health and addictions, maternity, sexual health and ageing population contexts.

Applications close on November 30 for the January 2021 cohort.

Program Highlights

Interactive Delivery

Delivered part-time, primarily online

Interactive courses are offered online over 18 months, and include six days of face-to-face intensives. Apply and integrate what you learn in your workplace as you progress through the program.

Led by Practitioners

Led by senior faculty & leading practitioners

The UBC Faculty of Medicine is a recognized leader in the science and practice of medicine. Benefit from a program designed, developed and taught by senior faculty and instructors, and expert clinicians.

Learn with Peers

An interactive learning experience that mirrors real teams

Engage, share experiences and practise skills with a cohort of professionals from a broad range of disciplines and backgrounds. Learn how to work as a virtual team, and build a community of practice and network of peers.

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The key feature of primary health care reform is a shift to teams of providers who are accountable for providing comprehensive services to their clients. There is a growing consensus that family physicians, nurses, and other professionals working as partners will result in better health, improved access to services, more efficient use of resources, and better satisfaction for both patients and providers. / About Primary Health Care